Daan Coenen – Ultra Trail Runner

My story

Known for the FKT on the Dutch Mountain Trail and more! Daan Coenen is on a mission in ultra running.

More than running

Daan Coenen is a yet undiscovered ultra runner who has set the course record time on the hardest hiking route in the Netherlands, The Dutch Mountain Trail. Searching to go deep physically but also mentally is the reason he goes into these events. Trying to push harder each time and do something hard every day is his philosophy. 

Starting his first business at 19 years old, he has a true entrepreneurs’ heart. On a daily basis, he works in the marketing industry, studies Digital Business Concepts and explores the impact of Artificial intelligence.

Keep Diggin

Keep Diggin’ is all about unleashing your inner potential, breaking through your limits, and diving headfirst into the fiery crucible of challenge. It’s a relentless battle with pain and strife, and the only way to emerge victorious is to dig deeper, dig harder, and never back down. So, are you ready to unleash your inner beast and Keep Diggin’?

Unleash your potential


races ran

Trail events

My favourite local race organisation.

Leopard Ultratrail mullerthal

The race with beautiful scenery.

Ultra challenge

The first 100k I ran.

Train together

Daan offers ultra (trail) running coaching, do you want to learn from the FKT DMT holder? Don’t hesitate and start for free!