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Running the N70 trail 4 times

January 6, 2024

N70 trail

I ran the N70 trail route with a group of friends and this is how it went:

A message on strava

I received a message on Strava from Joris, I did not know him personally, but we were following each other on social media. He had this idea to run the N70 trail 7 times just for fun. Something that I liked the idea of very much. So there we went!

Round 1

I didn’t know yet how many I was going to run, since it was a rest week for me. We started off with just the 3 of us. It was pitch black and the 3 headlamps lit up the trails pretty good. We were all fit and ready for the challenge. One of us was planning on only running the first round, but Joris and I were committed. The trail was a bit muddy but very nice to run on. I hadn’t rained that night, which was perfect since the past month was a pretty wet one! Feeling fresh, we finished the first round. Once we arrived at the starting location we met up with a whole different group, this time we were with a lot more.

Round 2

We started off with a whole new group, fun because this was the first time meeting so many people that just showed up for fun! I dropped off my rain jacket in my car and we started again. Not far into this round it started raining, and it kept raining for a while, making the trails look like waterfalls. Finishing up this round I had met a lot of new people which was fun.

Round 3

I started to feel a little more exhausted, but still felt good. The same group started this round again, including one other that joined that round. We were with a lot of people that round, which was fun. The trail became more wet and hard to run on, so some parts, especially uphill were on a slow pace.

Round 4

Almost the whole group left starting this round and we were back to 3. I was feeling hungry and this round was going to be the last one. What a beautiful round, this N70 trail is. I had hiked some parts of it before but never the full 14 km loop. A lot of elevation and very nice scenery. I finished up this round and said goodbye to Joris, what a great day! I ran 53 km, 1660 elevation meters in 7 hours!

N70 trail elevation meters

The N70 trail has about 400 meters of elevation in 14 km. An insane amount for dutch trails if you ask me!

N70 trail GPX

For the most recent GPX file, I suggest you go look at the official gpx file of the N70 trail route!